We find the deals! We look for properties that will allow our investors money to work harder for them. this can be through buy to lets, HMO’s, flips or development deals.

Once a property has been shortlisted and viewed we carry out due diligence on the property. This will include speaking to local Agents researching estimated achievable rent, comparable sold prices and estimated market value. If the property needs refurbishing we will get quotes from a local building team. 

Once we are happy that the deal is valuable we will sell the deal on to our investors.


So how do investors buy the deal and move forward?

When an investor makes contact with us we add them to our growing database. Emails will then be received regularly with our latest deals.

If an investor wants to take a deal on they will follow the instructions in the email of how to reserve. A call will then be made to the investor to discuss the deal and provide more information.

If the investor wants to move on at this stage we will send terms and conditions for review and signature and an invoice for the full sourcing fee. Once documents are signed and sourcing fee paid, the property is then held for the investor to progress.

The next stage is to move through the legal process of buying the property, the sourcing fee is held in a client account and will be available for refund should the deal not stack as expected.


The process of sourcing falls under the Estate Agents Act 1979 and as such means we have to comply with certain business practices.

These include registrations to the Information Commissioner’s Office, HMRC Anti Money Laundering, Property Redress Scheme and are required to have professional indemnity insurance. Details or our registration information to each of these can be found below.

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